Farmhouse objects


The farmhouse chores were many and varied, which is why all the tools and utensils were different. Each one had a specific purpose and had to be used properly. Practice and mastery of the use of these tools undoubtedly led them to develop numerous skills, all of which were aimed at achieving the highest level of self-sufficiency.

In addition to the tasks related to the crops, the forest and looking after the animals, which were their main source of income, they had to make other products, such as cheese, bread, preserves, wool, which would later be made into garments, etc. This required tools which they sometimes made themselves or bought from local artisans. They could also do other artisan tasks that would give them an additional source of income, such as basket making, leather work, carpentry, masonry, etc. Animals were used to pull some tools, but they all needed human strength, knowledge and skills.

As for the furniture that was in the farmhouse, it was all functional, whereby practicality was the most important consideration, so its design was simple, practically devoid of decorative features and with sober lines but careful consideration was given to its intended use. The main function was to store and protect the fruit, products and materials. Furniture was highly valued and was either received as a wedding gift or inherited.

The tools used in the farmhouse were resistant and were made of materials, such as iron, wood, clay and stone. The upkeep, maintenance and repair of all the objects in the farmhouse was extremely important, as they had to always be in perfect condition and last a long time.

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